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Everything you need to furnish your office for the future

Inspiration Office are the suppliers of Steelcase, Coalesse, Bolia, Clestra, Orangebox, PolyVision, Viccarbe and Casper by DesignTex for the Southern African region.

Desks and Tables

Your office desk is a unique reflection of exactly who you are. Whether you’re working alone or collaborating in a team, our range of office desks and meeting tables are unique, functional, flexible, and beautiful to look at too.

Inspiration Office Products Desks And Tables
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At Inspiration Office, our chairs are unique, just like the people who use them. If you’re looking for inspiring task seating, flexible group seating or eye-catching lounge sets, our office chairs are not only elegantly designed and incredibly comfortable, they’re also extremely functional too.


The days of dusty, cumbersome filing cabinets are over. As working styles have changed, traditional storage facilities are becoming redundant. Today’s office needs a storage solution that is elegantly designed, that maximises space and that increases productivity.

Inspiration Office Products Storage
Inspiration Office Products Accessories


Gone are the days of typewriters and paper trails. Today’s modern office is about mapping ideas on a laptop, communicating on your tablet or smartphone and meeting remotely via videoconferencing. With the speed at which technology is moving, it’s vital that the office furniture solution you choose today supports the innovations of the future.

Space division

Creating private space is essential to open office environments. Space dividers provide privacy for conference rooms, lounge spaces, or desk systems.

Inspiration Office Products Space Devision
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Interior Architecture

Focus on your interior and its functionality for employee wellbeing. Use pods, dividers, screens and acoustic solutions to create a variety of unique workspaces that can adapt to your changing needs.